Play Dates

March 4        Mt. Pleasant, MI        BROADWAY THEATRE

March 31 – April 6       ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMAS

March 31        Red Bank, NJ        COUNT BASIE CENTER

April 6        Cincinnati, OH        TAFT THEATRE

April 7        Pelham, TN        THE CAVERNS

April 8        Atlanta, GA        VARIETY PLAYHOUSE

April 10        Durham, NC        CAROLINA THEATRE

April 14 – 20        Portland, OR        CINEMAGIC

April 14 – 20        Calgary, AB        CANYON MEADOWS CINEMAS

April 14 – 20        Toronto, ON        CARLTON CINEMA

April 15        Vancouver, BC        RIO THEATRE

April 16        Beverly, MA        THE CABOT

April 18        Buffalo, NY        BUFFALO RIVERWORKS

April 20        Cleveland, OH        AGORA THEATRE

April 21        Columbus, OH        KEMBA LIVE!

April 25        Chicago, IL        THE VIC THEATRE

April 26        Bloomington, IN        IU CINEMA

April 29        Oklahoma City, OK        TOWER THEATRE

April 30        Dallas, TX        TEXAS THEATRE

Evil Dead 2 Play Dates


USA, 1987
Director: Sam Raimi
Producer: Rob Tapert
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks
Screenwriter: Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel
Cinematography: Peter Deming
Music: Joseph LoDuca
Genre: Horror
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English
Running Time: 84 minutes

After playing a recording of the Book of the Dead found in a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods and unleashing an evil force that possesses his girlfriend, Ash (Bruce Campbell) is forced into a macabre battle for his life. When four strangers appear in the midst of his mad scramble for survival, more and more possessions and gory deaths pile up.

Reviews and Quotes 2

"A ghoulish splatter comedy that uses wildly excessive gore to provoke the kind of shock that lies between a laugh
and a scream."
— Dave Kehr

"Just when things start getting too grisly, Raimi rushes in with a hilarious, sendup joke to remind us that all this blood and guts is meant in spooky
Grand Guignol fun."
— Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"A flashy good-natured display of special effects and scare tactics so extreme they can only be taken for laughs."

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