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September 1 – 7        Austin, TX        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE VILLAGE

September 1 – 7        Chicago, IL        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 1 – 7        Littleton, CO        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 1 – 7        Yonkers, NY        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 1 – 7        Raleigh, NC        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 1 – 7     San Antonio, TX     ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE PARK NORTH

September 1 – 7        Winchster, VA        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 1 – 7        San Francisco, CA        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA

September 15 – 17        Oklahoma City, OK        OKCMOA

September 28        Bloomington, IN        IU CINEMA

September 28 – 29        New Orleans, LA        PRYTANIA THEATRE

October 6 & 13        Ithaca, NY        CORNELL CINEMA

October 7        Coral Gables, FL        CORAL GABLES ART CINEMA

October 9        Santa Monica, CA        AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE AERO
with actor Britt Ekland in person!

October 10        Tempe, AZ        MAJESTIC TEMPE

October 11        Mt. Vernon, WA        LINCOLN THEATRE

October 11        Beverly, MA        THE CABOT

October 13 – 19        Seattle, WA        THE BEACON CINEMA

October 14        Howell, MA        HISTORIC HOWELL THEATER

October 14        Tampa, FL        TAMPA THEATRE

October 14        Memphis, TN        CROSSTOWN ARTS

October 16 – 21 & 23        Pittsburgh, PA        ROW HOUSE CINEMA

October 18        Milford, MI        MILFORD INDEPENDENT CINEMA

October 19        Baltimore, MD        CHARLES THEATRE

October 19        Hanover, NH        HOPKINS CENTER

October 19, 27 – 29        Honolulu, HI        HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART

October 20 – 26        Omaha, NE        ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE LA VISTA

October 20 – 26        Hartford, CT        CINESTUDIO

October 27        Boulder, CO        INTERNATIONAL FILM SERIES

October 27 – 28        Pleasantville, NY        JACOB BURNS FILM CENTER

October 27, 30 – November 2        Silver Spring, MD        AFI SILVER THEATRE

October 27 – November 2        Atlanta, GA        PLAZA THEATRE

October 31        Huntington, NY        CINEMA ARTS CENTRE

October 31        St. Joseph, MO        THE TRAIL THEATRE

October 31        Rockport, MA        CAPE ANN COMMUNITY CINEMA

The Wicker Man Play Dates

Poster by Laurent Durieux


United Kingdom, 1973
Director: Robin Hardy
Producer: Peter Snell
Cast: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland
Screenwriter: Anthony Shaffer
Cinematography: Harry Waxman
Music: Paul Giovanni
Genre: Horror
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English
Running Time: 94 minutes

After receiving an anonymous letter about a missing 12-year-old girl, devoutly Christian Police Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) travels by seaplane to a remote Scottish island to investigate. But the islanders welcome neither his badge nor religious devotion, for Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) and his devoted followers worship only the pagan gods of old - and those gods demand a sacrifice. Howie fears for the missing girl's life and follows every possible lead to find her - despite the islanders' interference - before she becomes a human sacrificial lamb.

Restored in 4K by Studiocanal at Silver Salt Restoration UK from the original 35mm negative

Reviews and Quotes 2

— David Fear, Time Out New York

"Brilliant writing...assured direction...The Wicker Man continues to stand tall as one of the genre's greatest exercises!"
— Tony Timpone, Fangoria

— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

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